Definition :
Plating is an electrolysis process which enables us to realize chemical reactions thanks to an electrical activation. It is the conversion process of the electrical energy into a chemical energy. Electrolysis is used in many industrial processes such as the plating of objects by electroplating.

Contrast owns a plating plan since 1990 and has invested a lot of effort and energy over time to acquire a quality plating reputation throughout North America. Continuous improvement, both in terms of the quality of the finishes, the effectiveness of the method, the management of resources to meet the environmental standards is at the forefront of Contrast.

You can enjoy this quality today since Contrast offers subcontracting services.

The colors offered are Nickel, Chrome, 24-karat gold and copper, all of the colors come in many finishes such as polished, satin or brushed.

Equipments :

Our basins are an average size of 24 inches X 48 inches X 48 inches deep.

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